I love lots of things, from Neil Gaiman to Orson Scott Card, from Benedict Cumberbatch to Tom Hiddleston, from reading to drawing, also writing.BTW, DOCTOR WHO IS MY LIFE!!!

i once knew a girl in the years of my youth
with eyes like the summer, all beauty and truth 

I start to miss pond again… i just can not get over this face

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A Doctor and a not-so-alike Amy (´;ω;`) #I need lots of hope# QAQ

Also a Loki!

Also a Loki!

Ehehe, there’s more…it seems that I did make some progress these years233

I found something that I drew few years ago…

I found something that I drew few years ago…

'I can say anything,” said Ivanova. “His name was Ender, and he destroyed everything he touched.” Like me, she did not say.

“Oh? And what do you know of him?” His voice whipped out like a grass-saw, ragged and cruel. “How do you know there wasn’t something that he touched kindly? Someone who loved him, who was blessed by his love? Destroyed everything he touched- that’s a lie that can’t truthfully be said of any human being who ever lived.’

Speaker of the Dead by Orson Scott Card

ender’s game week day 6: favorite quote

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